Northstar Report

Applying our expertise and experience in testing, Northstar generates comprehensive result sheets compiled of your test data.

Applying our expertise and experience in testing, Northstar interprets the test data (including Horner extrapolations and derivative plots) - and presents the results in an easy-to-read format. This service is especially useful to exploration firms with start-up operations that require additional guidance in determining their reservoir characteristics.

Northstar Report! includes:

  • Recorder response
  • Test zone depth measurements
  • Tool string and configurations
  • Field comments and observations
  • Regulatory report submission

Northstar Analysis

Northstar Analysis! Is an advanced report that comprehensively examines factors beyond the scope of the Northstar Report! Such as skin damage, permeability, and anticipated production rates. Northstar Analysis! is available with all drill stem tests at no additional fee.

Closed Chamber Testing

Closed chamber testing enables the calculation of inflow fluid volume as a function of time by monitoring surface pressure. It also allows the measurement of the smallest flow rates with pinpoint accuracy, with flow rate and pressure data calculated to 1 kPa.

These tests are conducted with the tool string in the hole and the surface valve closed to create a closed chamber of known volume. By eliminating flaring, a closed chamber test offers the additional benefits of added data security, minimized environmental impact, and safety.

Sampler Drainage

To expedite the analysis process, Northstar offers a sampler drainage service. This includes the opening and draining of the sampler and delivery to a lab of the client's choice. This is an optional, additional service.