Northstar understands the logistical challenges of operating in remote locations around the world.

The key to operating efficiently is a Self-Sufficient Mobile Setup.

Northstar's Self-Sufficient Mobile Setup is built into a 20’ or 40' shipping container so that it can be easily transported to and from location using a flatbed truck, boat or helicopter. The Self-Sufficient Mobile Setup comes equipped with tool racks, a vice, overhead crane, pressure testing equipment, hand tools, spares, nitrogen boosters and lighting. On location, power and water lines are the only requirements for the mobile service shop to be fully functional.

The Results

  • We can get to where others can’t

    - Our Self-Sufficient Mobile Shop has proven to be the ideal setup for jungle helicopter operations and other hard to reach drilling sites where logistics are extremely challenging.
  • Optimal Responsiveness

    – Northstar is always stocked and ready to go, allowing us to mobilize worldwide on a moment’s notice.
  • More than one Solution

    - Onsite, Northstar has the capabilities to propose multiple DST options, giving out clients a more versatile approach to testing over long period of time.