Face Off Against Cancer

On September 5th & 6th Northstar participated in the annual “Face Off Against Cancer” charity hockey tournament hosted by the Canadian Cancer Society. The name of the game was fun, but serious money was raised to support the Society's mission - the eradication of cancer and the enhancement of the quality of life for people living with the disease.

In hopes to raise over $315,000, Northstar laced up with over 200 other executives and took their fight to the ice. Northstar took home first place raising over $16,000 and President Keith Marshall came second overall for individual donations.

And it doesn’t stop there – Northstar also introduced a “Stories Stick – Make Yours Count” initiative. Over 200 mini hockey sticks were distributed to participants, staff and spectators, encouraging them to visit Northstar’s landing page and share their story. For every individual who shared their story, Northstar donated $10 in their name to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Great job to all who participated!