DST Solutions

Delivering Custom Solutions


Northstar’s engineering team prides itself on delivering custom solutions to meet the testing needs of our customers in all environments, worldwide.

Cased Hole: Pressure Operated

In a cased hole drillstem test, where a closed system is desirable due to a high pressure, high temperature environment, this set of tools can be run and activated using pressure. The Cased Hole Pressure Operated tools can be run in combination with a TCP/DST program and can support operations with circulation and well control.

Open Hole: Inflate Straddle

Open hole inflate tests utilize a pair of interval spaced packers which are inflated using annular fluid to isolate the formation of interest. This type of testing is adaptable to a wide range of conditions. Inflate testing is the most time and cost effective method used to isolate multiple formations during a single run in the hole.

Open Hole Bottom Hole: Conventional

Bottom Hole Compression, or conventional drillstem tests use compression set packers set above the formation, with tail pipe below the packers to the bottom of the hole. Placing weight on the tool string opens the hydraulic valve allowing the formation to flow into the tool and rise to the surface. The formation is flowed for a specified time period, after which weight is removed from the tool string closing the hydraulic valve for a specified shut-in period. Measuring flows and shut-ins with this procedure can be performed as many times as are deemed necessary.