Delivers an upward shock to help free stuck tools in the well bore


  • Drill stem testing
  • Tubing-conveyed perforating
  • Well flow operation


  • Provides temporary resistance so that energy is stored in the stretched drill pipe prior to firing
  • No resistance to reset
  • Can be fired multiple times

In the event equipment becomes stuck in the well bore, the Hydraulic Jar is used to provide an upward shock to help free the tools. Over-pull at surface is applied to the string which causes oil to move through a flow restrictor. This hydraulic delay allows energy to be stored in the string. At the end of the stroke, the restriction is removed causing the mandrel to move rapidly upward, resulting in a sudden impact to help free the stuck tools. If the tools are not free, a downward stroke resets the Hydraulic Jar for the next attempt.


O.D. in [mm] 5.0 [127]
I.D. in [mm] 2.25 [57]
LENGTH in [m] Extended: 122 [3.09]
Collapsed: 111 [2.83]
WEIGHT lb [kg] 436 [198]
MAX TEMPERATURE degF [degC] 350 [177]
psi [kPa]
15,000 [103,421]
MAX JARRING PULL lbf [kN] 65,000 [289]
Tensile Strength lbf [kN] 319,000 [1,419]
(premium connections available)
3 ½ API IF
Service Standard and sour service above 175 degF as per NACE MR 0175

* Slim hole version available upon request.

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