Circulates fluid out of the tubing after a test


  • Drill stem testing
  • Well flow operations
  • Stimulations
  • Fracking operations


  • Single operation, permanent communication between tubing and annulus
  • Precise operating pressure utilizing rupture discs
  • Operated with either annular or tubing pressure
  • Snap ring lock valve opens after cycling

The Single Shot Circulating Valve is typically utilized to circulate fluids out of the drill stem at the end of a test. By rupturing a pressure disc, applied pressure moves the mandrel, allowing fluid to flow through the ports. As the mandrel moves, a snap ring engages holding the mandrel, keeping the tool in the circulating position.


O.D. in [mm] 5.0 [127]
I.D. in [mm] 2.25 [57]
LENGTH in [m] 49 [1.24]
WEIGHT lb [kg] 206 [93]
MAX TEMPERATURE degF [degC] 350 [177]
PRESSURE ABSOLUTE psi [kPa] 15,000 [103,421]
PRESSURE DIFFERENTIAL (annulus/tubing) psi [kPa] 15,000 [103,421]
TENSILE STRENGTH lbf [kN] 380,000 [1,690]
(premium connections available)
3-1/2 API IF
SERVICE Sour service above 175 degF as per NACE MR 0175

* Slim hole version available upon request.

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