Ratchet-Set Packer

Ratchet-Set Packer


The Ratchet-Set Compression Packer (RSCP) is an open hole packer with a telescoping locking mechanism, which locks the packer in the set position. Reliable setting and releasing is achieved with a completely internal locking mechanism. There are no slips or dies in contact with the borehole.

Previously, Open Hole Conventional packers function by maintaining constant weight on the packer element. The Northstar RSCP has the added feature of an internal locking mechanism which engages once weight is applied to the packer section to lock the packer in the compressed state. This allows weight to be taken off the packer to perform other operations without the packer releasing. The packer can be released by pulling up and rotating to the right or with a preset straight over pull (emergency release).


  • Open Hole DST
  • Injection tests
  • Acidizing
  • Fracing


  • Can be locked in place allowing weight to be taken off packer
  • Reliable internal locking system
  • 2 methods of release (Primary and Backup)
  • Full Bore (2.25” ID)


O.D. 5"
I.D.(Model Dependent) 2.25"
Length 2.83m (9.27')
Packer Element Sizes 5 1/2”, 7 1/2”, 9 5/8”, 11 1/2”
*Other Sizes Available
Pressure Rating 10,000 lbs
Maximum Operating Load 80,000 lbs
Ultimate Tensile Strength 498,000 lbs
Temperature -40°F to 250°F NBR Element
-25°F to 350°F NBR Element
Connections 3 ½ IF
(Premium Connections Available)
Service H2S + CO2
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