Convention Packer


The Conventional Packer contains a telescoping mechanism to compress rubber elements against the formation when weight is applied. When weight is applied to the packer section, a mandrel telescopes into the Travel Housing, compressing the Packer Element. The weight that is used to open the Hydraulic Valve (about 13000 lb) is sucient to compress the packers.


O.D. 5"
I.D. 1"
Length 2.28m (7.48')"
Min Compression 159mm 20,000 lbs
200 mm 24,000 lbs
222 mm 28,000 lbs
Max Compression 159mm 30,000 lbs
200 mm 35,000 lbs
222 mm 40,000 lbs
Temperature Rating -40°F to 250°F
Tensile Strength 300,000 lbs
Connections 3 ½ IF
Service H2S + CO2
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