Well control at surface


  • High pressure surface well control
  • Open hole and cased hole drill stem testing
  • Top drive or kelly bushing rig capable
  • Wire line / slick line / coiled tubing
  • Well cleanup
  • Well intervention


  • Torque can be transferred through the flow head via the top drive
  • Remote activation of flow valve
  • Gate valves utilized to increase reliability

The Full Bore Rotating Control Head is a modular high pressure surface control head which can be configured with up to 4 valves and 3 flow lines. Torque can be transferred to the tubing by rotating from above (top drive) or below (rotary table) while the flow lines remain stationary.


I.D. (Model Dependent) in [mm] 2.36 [57] - 3.0 [76]
LENGTH (Model Dependent) in [m] > 35 [0.89]
MAX TEMPERATURE degF [degC] 350 [177]
PRESSURE psi [kPa] 10,000 [68,947] - 15,000 [103,421]
TENSILE STRENGTH lbf [kN] 380,000 [172,365]
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