Inflate Release System


The Inflate Release System enables multiple inflate tests without having to come out of the hole after each test. The Release System consists of a hydraulic piston/cylinder arrangement that acts as a valve to facilitate mud flow movement in two directions:
  • Inflation = Inflate Pump into Packers
  • Deflation = Packers to Well Annulus

During ‘inflation’, discharge from the Inflate Pump causes the lower half of the Release System (and string below) to be lifted. This lift action aligns the Release System flow ports with flow ports from the Inflate Pump which results in inflation of the packers with drilling mud.

During deflation, (end of a test), the Release System is activated for deflation by pulling on the drill string with approximately 22,000 Lbs (10,000 DaN) above string weight. This force causes the mud pressure in the release cylinder to exceed the set pressure of the release valves causing the system to ‘release’. Upon release, the lower half of the Release System (and string below) drops, and the flow ports in the packers line up with the well annulus resulting in ‘deflation’ of the packers.


O.D. 5.5"
I.D. 1"
Length 1.12m (3.67')
Pressure Rating 5,000 PSI
Release Pressure 1,750 psi (Adjustable)
Max Lift@ 1,500 17,700 lbs
Tensile Strength 250,000 lbs
Temperature -40°F to 250°F
Connections API 4 FH Pin
API 4 FH Box
Service H2S + CO2
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