Inflate Screen

Inflate Screen


The Suction Screen filters the larger particles from the drilling mud before it can enter the Inflate Pump.

Located directly below the Inflate Pump, drilling mud is drawn in through the screen up to the Inflate Pump and back down through a flow passage to the Packer Elements.

The Suction Screen consists of a 0.035 inch (0.89 mm) mesh screen five inched (127 mm) in diameter and 36 inches (914mm) in length.


O.D. 5”
I.D. 1.0”
Length 1.32 m (4.33’)
Filter Length:36”
Diameter: 5”
Mesh: 0.037
Pressure Rating 5,000 psi
Temperature Rating -40°F to 250°F
Tensile Strength 290,000 lbs
Connections API 4 FH Pin
API 4 FH Box
Service H2S + CO2
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