Hydraulic Valve

Hydraulic Valve


The Hydraulic Valve is a down hole valve used in opening and closing the flow from the test zone. The tool gives positive surface indications of opening: a sudden small movement of the drill pipe, combined with a slight reduction in drill pipe weight.


The Hydraulic Valve enters the hole in the closed position. After the pack-ers are set, setting weight on it opens the tool. This causes the Piston to move in the Inner Sleeve and aligns flow ports that enable flow from the test zone to flow into the drill pipe.

The hydraulic section forces hydraulic fluid to flow through small passages and delays the opening of the valve. This prevents the tool from opening unintentionally if a bridge is hit while running into the hole. Lifting up on the drill string closes the tool. Check valves in the hydraulic section bypass the dampening action when closing the valve.


O.D. 5" 3.5"
Fishing I.D. 0.75" 0.7"
Effective I.D.(without sampler) 0.75" 0.63"
Effective I.D.(with sampler) 0.7222" 0.52"
Length 1.62m (5.31') 1.14m (3.74')
Min. Compression 4,000 lbs 4,000 lbs
Delay 7-10 minutes 7-10 minutes
Max. Compression 30,000 lbs 30,000 lbs
Delay 1-2 minutes 1-2 minutes
Pressure Rating 5,000 lbs 5,000 lbs
Tensile Strength 300,000 lbs 120,000 lbs
Temperature -40°F to 250°F -40°F to 250°F
Connections 3 ½ IF 2 ⅜ IF
Service H2S + CO2 H2S + CO2
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